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A world of technology partnerships

The Industrial Internet of Things is transforming how businesses around the world are leveraging digital technologies to improve safety, agility, efficiency and quality. Connected workplaces bring together a broad range of inputs, sensor data and location information to digitize workflows and operations to support informed decision making.

Nuestro nuevo programa global de socios Blackline Catalyst ofrece a las empresas líderes la oportunidad de aprovechar nuestra plataforma conectada a la nube de wearables para empleados, periféricos, software, datos e interfaces.

Tanto si su tecnología encaja perfectamente en el ecosistema de Blackline, como si podemos apoyar su programa de salida al mercado utilizando la tecnología conectada de Blackline, tenemos una opción de asociación para usted.

Why Partner with Blackline?

Collaborate with Blackline’s product management and development teams to bring unique and compelling connected products and services to market. Blackline Catalyst enables access to our portfolio of connected safety solutions and data services, providing the opportunity to improve and digitize your workflows while accelerating your organization's growth. Other benefits include achieving a faster time-to-market through a customized relationship with Blackline. We also offer sales training and enablement as required.

Tap into the future of connected by interfacing with the Blackline Cloud through our software APIs, work directly with our wearables or entrench your current market position by taking advantage of our OEM capabilities.

Time-tested and proven:

For over a decade, Blackline’s connection solutions, cloud platform, interfaces and APIs have supported businesses around the world to be safer and more efficient.

The proven industrial connectivity hub:

Take advantage of Blackline’s industrial device-as-hub platform. Access data in the Blackline Cloud through our safety and data APIs to push your solutions forward.

Opportunity for collaborative selling:

Blackline’s technology can enable your programs and teams with connectivity and data.

Technology Partners

From wearable and peripheral manufacturers to sensor and connectivity product vendors, technology partners amplify our solutions with a broad range of capabilities. We work together with providers of data, software services, software infrastructure, connectivity, monitoring services and more to deliver the best possible experience for our customers.

  • Aumente su alcance
  • Haga crecer su negocio
  • Generar más valor mediante la combinación de tecnologías

Solution Partners

Our solution partners include software developers and businesses that take products to market that incorporate Blackline technology and data. We provide our software APIs and work with system integrators and OEMs (white label) to offer advanced data solutions.

  • Formación y capacitación
  • Exposición
  • Venta en colaboración

Leverage the power of our partners


Finding a worker in a time of need has never been easier. Monitor the whereabouts of your team members in real-time on a live map thanks to the proven visualization and mapping tools from Google.


Iridium is the leading provider of truly global satellite communications. Their 66 crosslinked satellites, deployed in near-polar orbits, yield excellent visibility around the world, allowing Blackline to deliver true last-mile connectivity to customers working in even the most remote locations.


GEOS has been the leading provider of premier and innovative travel safety and security services since 2004. Blackline customers benefit from the value of their regional crisis management cells around the globe by way of their solutions for coordinated rescues in over 198 countries.


Experts in designing and manufacturing gas sensors and detection instruments, Ion Safety produces more PID sensors than any other gas detection company in the world.

¿Listo para unirse?

If you see a fit with your technology and Blackline’s ecosystem or an opportunity where we can support your go-to-market program with our connected technology, let's start a conversation about partnering.