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Harness the power of connected safety.

Your customers depend on you for safe water—your people rely on you to keep them safe to provide it.

Get the most comprehensive protection with Blackline’s cloud-connected personal safety wearables and area gas monitors. Fully scalable and supported by Blackline Live, our powerful software and analytics platform, you can optimize your operations and get ahead of all the risks your industry workers face—whether from working alone, confined spaces, slips and falls or harmful gases and VOCs.


Our connected safety technology protects over 100,000 people in over a dozen different industries, including the water and wastewater industry.

Trustworthy connectivity you can count on—anytime, anywhere.

With your facilities and sites spread across vast geographies, some in last mile locations like remote pumping stations, Blackline Safety’s industry-leading connectivity keeps your workers safe, wherever they are.

G7 EXO portable area gas monitors have integrated 3G/4G cellular connectivity as do G7 personal wearables which also have optional satellite connectivity (North America only) through a portable bridge for even the most hard-to access locations. And our GPS-enabled location technology and direct-to-cloud data streaming, mean you get real-time information and worker visibility right at your fingertips.


Our web portal, Blackline Live, is the hub of your connected safety ecosystem, containing all the tools you need in one easy-to-use platform. You can configure, view and monitor all your devices in the field from any Internet-connected smartphone, tablet or computer.

Ease of use, ease of acceptance

Workers in the water and wastewater industry are at elevated risks of exposure to toxic and flammable gases so having a reliable, easy-to-use device ensures user acceptability when working in hazardous environments.

Our devices deploy right-out-of-the box, connecting to the cloud and sending data as soon as they are turned on and, with automated firmware updates over the air, they’re always up to date.

And our award-winning, intuitive user interface translates to minimal training requirements and hassle-free use to provide powerful insights into the efficiency of a plant and the safety of every worker.

Detect up to five gases simultaneously

Whether you need to test for hydrogen sulfide or carbon dioxide for a confined space entry, or levels of chlorine and methane in a treatment plant, we’ve got you covered. Select single-gas diffusion, multi-gas diffusion or multi-gas pump cartridges for any device, and then from a range of sensors to address the unique demands of each or your operating environments.

Choose from our broad portfolio of up to 20 gas sensors. 

Unmatched durability

The nature of work in the industry—dirty, wet, outdoors—means you need technology as durable and hard-working as your people are. All our devices are built for extremes and are tested and put to work in the toughest conditions.



Our G7 EXO portable area gas monitor was recognized for its durability and drop-and-go deployment winning gold at INT Design’s Grand Prix Du Design Awards.

Industry-leading responsiveness

All G7 wearables and G7 EXO area gas monitors have built-in layers of communication and, when paired, live monitoring, are the critical lifeline to your people for the help they need during an emergency, health event, dangerous situation or weather conditions and more.

  • Manual, patented SOS latch so your people can send an emergency call for help
  • Automated no motion, fall detection and missed check-in capabilities let your G7 send an alert when your people can’t
  • Two-way voice communication so first responders can connect directly with workers during an emergency to best prepare on how to assist

A 2021 study in The Journal of Loss Prevention in the Processing Industry analyzed over 200 accidents at European wastewater treatment plants and found that 13% were due to extreme weather. Our technology can enable mass notifications to all your people — or just specific teams — to protect them especially during cases of heavy rain or flooding.

Help is always on the line

Layer in professional 24-7 live monitoring with Blackline’s in-house five-diamond certified Safety Operations Centre or international network of Alarm Receiving Centre partners, empowered to escalate responses to dispatch local emergency services to your employee’s exact location. From receipt through to resolution, responses are executed according to your custom emergency response protocol.

Blackline’s in-house Safety Operations Centre has an industry-leading response time of less than 60 seconds to respond to an emergency alert, 99% of the time.

Data-driven insights for peak performance

Harness the industry’s most comprehensive reporting platform with Blackline Analytics to get deep insights into your safety program—from information on VOC exposure in the workplace to the frequency of bump tests and calibrations on every device.

You get 13 built-in essential reports to help you understand usage, manage compliance and investigate incidents. Optional custom reporting on virtually any metric based on your specific operational needs is also available.

Leverage the insights available through these reports to understand worker behaviors, improve scheduling and amplify productivity.

Connected workers reduce operational spend by 8.5% and wearables increase productivity by 8%. (Source: Visual Capitalist, 2021)

The flexible and future-proof solution you need

Blackline’s all-in one connected safety technology—with versatile and scalable solutions for every at-risk situation your industry workers face—can offer the capabilities and customization you need to transform safety and efficiency at your water and wastewater operation.

And, with add-on value through monitoring and data analytics – all through a single partner – your safety program can be more comprehensive, insightful, and easier-to-use and manage.

Whether you need just one lone worker or personal gas detection device, a portable area gas monitor, or a facility-wide connected worker solution, Blackline Safety’s all-in-one devices have the versatility to meet your needs today, or scale as needed—driving a low cost of ownership along the way.



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While this document focuses on the oil and gas industry, evacuation management is a necessary element of safety planning for any industrial operation, including water and wastewater. It is critical to be prepared to quickly and safely evacuate personnel in the event of an emergency, as every second counts when lives are on the line.